"Authenticate" means "Let the user enter their 2FA code to Stripe, and tell me if they authenticated correctly"


POST to the following URL



  • The `client_secret` you received in step 1 (lookup).

  • The `email` of the consumer.

  • The six-digit code they have entered.


If six-digit code is correct

We'll return a user object along with `authenticationSuccessful: true`

// if user code is correct
{ authenticationSuccessful: true,
  user: {
    email: ""

If you've been pre-approved, and if the user has such information saved, the user object may be enhanced with additional information:

{ authenticationSuccessful: true,
  user: {
    email: "",
    fullName: "Mark Moriarty",
    city: "San Francisco, California 94114",

If the six-digit code is not correct:

We'll return `authenticationSuccessful: false` along with an an error message.

{ authenticationSuccessful: false,
  errorMessage: ""

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